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Siliconen slabbers

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€ 4,95
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Deze siliconen slab is perfect voor uw kleine spruit. "Ikke zelluf doen" vormt geen enkel bezwaar meer!


  • Geen stoffen slabbertjes, die je niet meer schoon krijgt.
  • Geen gemors op de kleding en grond, alles valt in het opvangbakje
  • Deze slabbers zijn makkelijk schoon te maken, gewoon met een sopje en doekje
  • Is op meerdere standen vast te zetten, dus kan wel een tijdje mee
  • Op te rollen & makkelijk op te bergen of mee te nemen voor onderweg


Geschikt voor kinderen vanaf 4 maanden/BPA-vrij 

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8 months ago

Would recommend to anyone with little ones. I have a 6 Month old who recently started eating baby food and it is messy. Regular bibs stain and I bought plastic ones but they have material on the other side so after you wash them off you have to wait for the cloth side to dry. These silicone bibs are perfect. They wipe clean and you can dry them off with a towel immediately and they are ready for the next use. It is nice the neck strap is adjustable as well so your child can grow into them.

8 months ago

I love this set. I went through several other bibs before coming to this one. Truthfully though, any silicone bib would have worked, but I like these best because it doesn't have any cheesy picture or saying in the front of it, the silicone is the right amount of thickness that works well, is durable, and can retain its shape no matter how I wash or store it. I store them rolled up and when I wash them, I flip the pockets inside out. Surprisingly, they retain their original shape, so I never have to worry about being too "rough" with them when I wash or store them. With an 10 month old at home, every little thing I get to worry less about is a luxury! My LO does baby-led weaning and I initially tried to use the long sleeved bibs, but then she started sweating under it and it became too uncomfortable. I also have the bumpkins "waterproof" bibs, which I like (and now keep them at grandma's house or in my diaper bag as back up bibs), but they are velcro in the back and my LO rips it off her or ends up causing red marks on the back of her neck cuz she's not strong enough to totally rip it off. She doesn't even try with these silicone bibs because they're so strudily clasped. I highly recommend these to any kiddos who need a bib, and any caretaker who wants an easy clean up

8 months ago

Where were these bibs for my first 2 kids??? We just purchased these for our twins and I am in love. Seriously. Bibs that go in the dishwasher? Genius. These get washed on heavy duty cycle every single day and still look like new. We feed them spaghetti and they don't stain. When I'm too lazy to do the dishes, I just wipe these bibs out. Seriously. Do yourself a favor and buy these and stop cleaning up the massive messes that these little darlings make. These bibs are thicker but soft enough that they don't leave marks or bother my twins. I like the adjustable neck sizing, especially because we will be using these for the next 3 years.

Justin & Melyssa
8 months ago

Perfect and amazing, I recommend these to all parents. For really messy meals, I layer this over a waterproof smock-like bib that covers the sleeves too, but this bib catches everything in its big pocket to keep it from all falling onto the lap and floor. Absolute necessity, and these ones in particular have held up well, no cracking or wear. 3 is great number to have too - one in kitchen, one in diaper bag, and one given as a gift.

M. P.
8 months ago

I love these silicone pocket bibs! Finally I found ones without writing or pictures printed all over the bib. Just plain, gender neutral colours which is perfect for us. They're super soft because they're silicone. They wash easily and don't stain. They have a slightly smaller fit than some other silicone ones, but they have an adjustable neck. Such a great deal for a pack of 3. I keep 2 at home and one in the car because if my son eats without wearing one of these, food ends up all over his clothes.

8 months ago

Absolutely love these bibs! My daughter is a messy eater so I scoop out the food she drops and put it back on the tray. She is fine with that. Super easy to clean. Pretty much just need to rinse off depending on what my baby eats. The silicone is a lot thicker than the other bibs I've purchased too. Love them!

J Arthur
8 months ago

These have been great for our child. They wash easily and are fairly good at covering up clothing for a young child learning how to feed themselves. A minor deduction for the fact that one of the button holes ripped out without any real prompting, the other 2 have been good so far though.

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