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Philips Avent anti-koliek fles 330ml vanaf 3 maanden

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€ 7,65
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Inhoud: 330 ml

Leeftijd: vanaf 3 maanden

Materiaal: polypropyleen (PP), kleur: wit-transparant


Philips Avent anti koliek fles speciaal ontworpen om voedingsproblemen te verminderen, zoals krampjes, windjes en reflux.

    • De comfortkussentjes zorgen voor een natuurlijke voeding zonder dat de speen inklapt.
    • De antikrampjes-ventiel houdt de lucht uit de maag van je baby om darmkrampjes en ongemak te verminderen.
    • Gemakkelijk vast te houden, ook voor je baby.
    • Eenvoudig te gebruiken en schoon te maken.

Dankzij deze anti-koliekzuigfles van Philips AVENT, met een inhoud van 330 ml, slikt je kindje minder lucht in. Dit vermindert de kans op krampjes, oprispingen en reflux.


Download de app Ugrow van Philips AVENT om stap voor stap de ontwikkeling van je baby op te volgen.

Past op het hele Philips AVENT Natural-assortiment.

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8 months ago

I've used Avent for all three of my kids starting in 2007. They are just a really durable bottle. They used to have a problem with leaking but my daughter has been using these bottles for the last 6 months and we haven't experience a leak with these bottles yet. Highly recommend.

8 months ago

I switched to these after I got over myself and let go of the ideal of using glass bottles... It took some time. I was staunchly against using plastic bottles and was using Dr. Browns anti-colic bottles with the little green insert.. There were so many pieces and my daughter still had colic, so it felt like a waste of time to clean each and every component day in and day out so that they would be ready for daycare. With these, the anti-colic is said to built right in, which makes it so easy to clean. On top of that, because the bottles are plastic instead of glass, my 6 month old can now hold her own bottle which makes her feel so cool. It was a little tough to find replacement nipples for when she got older, so I ended up finding those through their website that they sold on Amazon anyway. Here's a link to the Fast Flow nipple. It's the highest one and supposedly good for a 6 month old and up. My daughter immediately stopped fussing so much when she was feeding after I switched to a faster flow nipple.

Sarah G
8 months ago

Any thing that prevents a baby from colic ...... AMAZING!!I love the fact that these are simply to use plus, the added bonus of how cute they are.The neck is wide enough for you to add your cereal to the milk without messing up the neck of the bottle or my table. I usually use a spoon to mix the formulae and this cannot be done with many other bottles.There are not a lot of parts to wash so that's also another plus for me.

8 months ago

We have tried Dr Browns, MAM, Playtex, and Nuby bottles and Avent is my sons favorite. Dr Browns gets all the hype for reducing gas and colic and being the best but, honestly, Avent is just as good, if not better, and is a whole lot easier to clean! We use the anti colic along with the natural bottles and he likes them both.

Singha Simon
8 months ago

a good product if a little pricey. the reason for detracting stars is all the different nipples, and their lack on compatibility. I purchased newborn nipples to go with these bottles only to find they leaked, and are only intended for the 4 ounce bottles and don't work in the 8 ounce bottles. We kept wondering why the bib got so wet till we figured it out, and had to run out and buy a 4 ounce bottle set as well. All in all the nipple sets are confusing and easily mixed up, which is either a result of poor engineering or good marketing!

8 months ago

We used the dr Brown bottles for our first born and they seemed to work fine. But wanted to try something different with our twins. Mainly because we would have 2 less pieces to clean every feeding with these per bottle. Seems silly I know but when you have twins and a 2 year old, it makes a huge difference. Neither babe is colicy with these. Love them!

8 months ago

I love these bottles. I used then with my first baby 3 years ago and just bought more for my second on the way. There are not a million pieces for each bottle so they're easy to clean. If a bottle gets lost for a few days under the couch, you can clean any dried up milk easily as there are no little hard to reach nooks or crannies for mold to hide.

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