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Minder buik-, rug- & bekkenklachten met de zwangerschap buikband, bekkenband

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Door de groeiende buik in de zwangerschap hebben de rug en het bekken het vaak te verduren.

Het zwangerschapshormoon maakt alle banden en verbindingen weker. De daarbij groeiende buik en het extra gewicht dat je moet meedragen is een minder goede combinatie.

Deze zwangerschapsband kan je hierbij de verlichting & ondersteuning geven die je nodig hebt, zodat je toch lekker kan genieten van deze bijzondere periode.

Deze one-size steunband is gemaakt van comfortabel, ademend & elastisch materiaal. Deze band biedt steun aan alle mate van buikomvang. Door het klittenband systeem is het eenvoudig de maat aan te passen op dat moment van de zwangerschap en op wat op dat moment comfortabel aanvoelt.


Voordelen van de buikband:

  • Vermindert rugpijn, door de juiste ondersteuning
  • Minder harde buiken doordat de baarmoeder zich beter kan ontspannen en gesteund wordt
  • Minder bekkeninstabiliteitsklachten van het bekken en onderrug
  • Bevordert een correcte lichaamshouding
  • Minder rug-, buik & bekkenklachten betekent méér genieten van je zwangerschap


Hoe te gebruiken?

  1. plaats de band in het midden van je groeiende buikje
  2. Wikkel de band om je middel en trek deze stevig aan
  3. Maak het klittenband vast op de stand die comfortabel aanvoelt en waar je duidelijk steun van ondervind


Materiaal:  Katoen, spandex & polyester

Certificaten: CE/FDA/ISO9001/BV

We zouden je wel willen adviseren de band niet voortdurend te dragen. Het is belangrijk dat spieren in de onderrug stevig en in vorm blijven. Wanneer je de band te frequent gebruikt kunnen de onderrugspieren minder stevig worden. 

Gebruik de band met name bij activiteiten die wat meer van je lichaam eisen.


Verkrijgbaar in de kleuren grijs, zwart & huidskleur

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Jian T.
8 months ago

This is a great product! My wife currently 28 weeks pregnant, her stomach is very heavy for her to walk,and She had round ligament pain this pregnancy so badly, she can barely walk at times.After using this Pregnancy Support Belt, baby is being supported so well, and walking feels normal again.It can be adjusted properly and it will not make you feel stressed. It is very helpful for the pregnancy!

8 months ago

I bought this pregnant belt for my wife. She has been pregnant for 8 months. It is pretty useful! One week ago. my wife said she has pain really made her unable to keep going. It happened when my elder sister came to visit me who is the mother of two children. After she understood my situation, she recommended my wife to use a pregnant support belt, which can make her less painful! Now, I will quote my wife's words about her experience:" On the first day, I felt the very impression was that the pressure on my stomach was much less, because the waist belt was working, and the support belt shared some of the pressure, but the pain in the pelvis was still. I keep taking it for two days. On the third day, I was very surprised. I found that the pain in the back and pelvis was slowly reduced, and it was a lot easier to walk! What surprised me was that after a week, I could start some simple housework. When I have time, I will go to the park nearby for a walk. It is a magical change!" So I strongly recommended this maternity belt to pregnant women. Hope you all can walk as normal even though you have been pregnant for more than 7-8 month .

8 months ago

I got this at about 24 weeks pregnant. I was having lower back pain when standing do cleaning more than a half hour at a time. It was to the point to where my back would hurt terribly all night and into the next day. My doctor suggested getting one of these, and I find that I'm able to do more longer wearing it all day. I put a tank top under it, and I find it comfortable. I'm able to walk more and even use my sit stand desk at work when wearing it. I was worried I'd be too large, as I'm now about 195 lbs, 28 weeks pregnant, and only 5 foot 2. There is plenty of band left, so i am not worried about outgrowing this.

8 months ago

I glad I bought it! It supports the belly and the back perfectly, while remaining low-profile and breathable. I work 12 hour shifts at work and I can make it through an entire day without pain now! I would highly recommend for all pregnant women.

J. Shiann
8 months ago

I have been 5 months pregnant and being miserable when doing daily work. So I can't do nothing but walk around, sleep and walk around again. I have had this maternity support belt for about four weeks, and thanks to that now I'm so much more comfortable, and able to do a lot of things that I had trouble with at the beginning since how heavy my belly was pushing on me. The fabric is comfortable and the Velcro holds me well so I can sleep with it on, and wear it all day. I would definitely recommend it!

8 months ago

Awesome! Bought it for my pregnant friend. It came on time and packaged well. We stay together everyday and there is not a day she does not wear her belly band for pregnancy. She overheats easily but thankfully this belt is adjustable, low profile, but most importantly breathable, which makes her feel very comfortable. Added bonus- Loves the fact that its not bulky, its supportive and fits well with her work dresses.

Crystal R.
8 months ago

This was my second c section, and first time using a belly band. This was life changing. Used it while I was pregnant for back and pelvic pain and then post c section. BUY IT!

8 months ago

While pregnant I developed sciatica. On top of that, I had a job that kept me on my feet! The combination resulted in a lot of pain and difficulty walking. This was not the only thing I did though...so I am not saying it’s a cure all, but it definitely helped relieve the pressure and helped with movement and activity. In addition to the band, I saw PT and did traction exercises, iced the area, changed my shoes due to the change in my center of gravity, took Tylenol as needed, and bought an exercise ball to sit on while at home to relieve pressure on my spine. Best of luck to anyone who is having issues, pain, and discomfort! I highly recommend this in addition to whatever else is needed for you to feel relief!

8 months ago

I was so happy that i bought this maternity belt, I originally bought the same thing from a different seller and was super disappointed. So i decided to buy this. Luckily it didn't disappoint me. It only has a one size, but you can adjust the size according to your waistline. Just buy it, you'll be happy you did.

8 months ago

Im 23 weeks pregnant. This band is very easy for me to adjust by myself. Helps alot more than I expected with my back pain. I wear it on my bare skin and have not experienced any more discomfort than my clothing already gives me. I had a csection with my first child and since becoming pregnant again am having some diastasis recti issues. And I have a 30 lb toddler who prefers to be held. I need all the help I can get. Time will tell.

Elfego Martinez
8 months ago

I love this product so much, really helps when I’m at work. It’s super comfortable and easy to store (just roll it up and it will maintain its flexibile, comfortable feel). I was worried about the band being itchy or scratching but there’s no sign of that. I definitely recommend this!

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