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Medela moedermelkflesjes 150 ml (3 stuks)

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Medela bottles are designed to safely store breast milk for a short or long period of time. You can express and store breast milk directly in the bottles. In addition, you can simply feed your baby with the same bottle.

Medela baby bottles can be used with all Medela and Calma breast pumps.

!!! Useful breastfeeding app MyMedela. Lactation expert advice, tips, tracking & statistics !!! Downloadable in the Appstore or Google Play.


  • The breast milk bottles are dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Made of BPA-free material (polypropylene)
  • Little pouring - one bottle for expressing, storing, freezing and feeding breast milk.
  • Durable - won't break or splinter when dropped.
  • Easy to clean.


Clean parts immediately after use to prevent milk residues from drying up and to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Before first use and once a day:
>> Disassemble, wash and rinse all parts.

>> Fill a pan with enough water and make sure that the parts are under water.

>> Let it cook well for 5 minutes.

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8 months ago

I have serious concerns regarding the authenticity of the bottles I received. After sterilizing it I noticed the bottles were really thin, thin enough that I could squeeze the bottle easily with my fingers. This does not occur with my other medela bottles. The bottom of the bottle has different prints to the other medela bottles I own too. It is missing some of the labels (such as the maximum temperature it can handle). The color of the bottle is also different to the ones I own, when you look at the ink against the light, it is extremely obvious that the yellow shade differs greatly from the originals. The size of the bottle also seems a bit different but I have yet to measure it so I am unsure about the last point. I am using these bottles for my newborn so it is of extreme concern to me, will have to follow up with amazon about this. EDIT: I contacted amazon immediately after I left the review but they did not give me a definite answer regarding authenticity of the item. I would suggest that potential buyers get the 3 piece set (that comes with the teats) instead of this. The money saved is simply not worth the hassle/risk! After posting my review I also read all the low ratings for this product and found that so many others have had the same concerns as me. If you google 'fake medela bottles' there is also a webpage detailing almost the exact issues I have with mine.

8 months ago

Let me tell you my journey through baby bottles. Baby bottles. Easy enough, right? You just pick one, dump your milk into it, and feed your baby. What's the big deal! Wrong. My baby was born early. We supplemented formula for a few days in the hospital while my milk came in to help her gain weight. She used the ready to feed bottles with Similac nipples like a champ. What a big, good eater our tiny baby was! Fast forward to home. Avent Natural Bottles. The nipple was too big and she cried. Her tiny mouth didn't fit. We went back to 2 ounce milk collection bottles with Similac nipples from the hospital and she was happy again. We tried Dr Brown nipples at first because they were recommended so highly online. I HATE those nipples and my baby again developed horrible gas and reflux when using them. I threw them away and went back to our bag of free Similac nipples and she was happy.

8 months ago

The only reason I chose these storage bottles is because I've also got a Medela pump and I thought I wanna be consistent and I have this little problem of being a "perfectionist" and I thought it would be nice to see my milking station equipment and supplies to be in "uniform", and I like the color yellow. But then I realized there's nothing so special about these storage bottles and that my reason for choosing this over cheaper milk storage is so vain. But then I also realized over time as I go on with my pumping journey that these bottles are actually cute and not cheaply made. It doesn't look like and feel like a toy, compared to other ones. I'm confident that my breastmilk is safe with these . Plus, I love how readable the measurement labels are. I have about a dozen of this which I find convenient coz we have enough for a whole day even without washing.

8 months ago

UPDATE: I originally thought these bottles may have been fake. However, I ordered the same bottles directly from Medela, and the same thing happened. I’ll still keep my 1 star because I’m highly disappointed, but at least I know they are probably not fake. Disappointed. Bottom of the bottles kind of pop after you steam. Some bottles are so bad that they can't stand up; they fall over. My previous Medela bottles never did this, and I've had those for 6 months. Should have read the lower reviews that described the same thing.

8 months ago

The tops are definitely different than pictured on the box, and I don't think they seal as tightly as the other tops, but they still work. Others said the bottles themselves seemed to be thinner than other Medela bottles, but it's not too big of a difference. UPDATE: I haven't been using these for very long, but there is most certainly a difference!!! I'm leaving my original review (what is typed above), but removing my original 4 star rating. Why? Because almost all of these bottles have warped in my dishwasher. I wash them just like all my other Medela bottles that I got with my pumps and from the hospital, but these are the only ones that have warped. The bottoms have expanded so they don't even stand up correctly, they just wobble (and obviously now the measurements are off). A serious waste of money.

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