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Dr Brown standaard fles "natural" starterspakket

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€ 29,99
Op voorraad
  • Helpt darm krampjes, buikpijn, spugen en zere oortjes voorkomen
  • Optimaal behoud vitamine C, A en E
    Voedt vacuümvrij, zonder luchtbelletjes
  • Positieve druk, vergelijkbaar met borstvoeding
  • Gepatenteerd ventielsysteem, bewezen werking
  • Spenen voor verschillende fasen zijn apart verkrijgbaar
  • Vaatwasser-bestendig (bovenste rek) max. 60 graden
  • Bevat géén BPA, pvc en lood

* Kan ook zonder ventielsysteem worden gebruikt

De standaardfles, ook wel smalle halsfles genoemd, wordt makkelijk geaccepteerd ook door pasgeborenen. Of je een smalle of brede fles kiest, wordt ook bepaald door wat je zelf prettiger vindt vasthouden.

Een goed begin is het halve werk. Dit startpakket bevat drie standaardflessen (1x 120 ml, 2x 250 ml) 3 x fase 1 speen, 2 x fase 2 speen

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8 months ago

I had originally hoped to breastfeed exclusively, however because my son was born almost 6 weeks early, I was told I needed to fortify his breastmilk with special formula after he finally came home from the NICU. This meant I had to first pump my breastmilk, then mix in some formula & use a bottle to feed it to him. At first we tried Avent bottles, but quickly realized that those seemed to contribute to the already long list of things that upset his premature tummy. We tried everything: gas drops (before, after & mixed into the bottle), feeding him sitting up & keeping him upright for at least 30 mins afterwards (this was especially difficult at night), tummy massages, cutting back on the harsh formula that contained so many extra nutrients & minerals ... we even tried mixing THAT formula with a gentler kind & then adding it to my breastmilk. Still, my son would scream & cry after every feeding. It broke my heart! Finally, another preemie mom told me to try Dr. Brown bottles so I bought them right away & had them shipped same day. Immediately there was a noticeable difference. My son still has some issues since his poor little digestive system has to work so hard, but at least now I don't dread every feeding. I would highly recommend these bottles to anyone, especially those with a premature baby or a baby with a sensitive stomach. Edit: While these bottles are wonderful for my son's tummy, just don't ever let one spill! I've taken one star away for that because... augh! They do come with little caps to put on under the lids when traveling, but when you're just sitting down feeding your baby & you set the bottle aside to burp him, DON'T let it fall over, even if the lid is on securely! If the lid isn't on, it will spill everywhere. If the lid IS on, it will spill everywhere & you just won't find out about it until you turn the bottle upright & formula pours out of it onto you & everything around you. Incredibly frustrating. Please let me know if you found this review helpful, as I rely primarily on others' reviews before making my own purchases as well ☺️.

8 months ago

I’ve now ordered 3 of these sets since my son was born in February. They are wonderful. My son loves them. Yes you have 2 extra pieces to clean but it’s really not hard and the little effort is completely worth it to have your baby be in less pain because of less gas. We did not have any issues with these bottles causing any nipple confusion while I was breastfeeding. Every baby is different but our baby loves these bottles and so do we! Every time I purchase something online, I always check the reviews. I count on others to help me choose the best option. My reviews are always my honest opinion and I try to include photos if possible. If my review has helped you in any way, please click the "helpful" button below so that I know! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Thank you!

Jennifer Hunt
8 months ago

I previously received a Dr. Brown's bottle in a free baby gift from Target. I had not planned on using it for our newborn son as we had been a Playtex Baby drop-ins family in the past. He had reflux and became uncomfortable after eating, having gotten a lot of air from the feeding. I had run out of clean nipples/rings and baby needed to eat, so I used the Dr. Brown's bottle and glad I did! It was a huge improvement after just one feeding! The feeding itself was longer and more controlled, less milk was lost, and my son wasn't taking big gulps as he had with the other brand. Once the feeding was over, he was more content and full! I ordered this set from Amazon as it was the BEST price and my son has been doing extremely well. The bottles do exactly what they say and I will continue to purchase from the Dr. Brown's line.

Amber Simmons
8 months ago

I love Dr. Browns bottles. We have 15 bottles and would never go back. These all come with nipple caps which is nice; but I've never used the lid that screws on because you then expose the straw thing to whatever you're storing it in while in transport. My child is never gassy since switching her to these bottles. Expensive, but all expensive things are the best. *update* over time, the paint showing the level linens are wearing off. It’s not good because once it comes off, how do you know where a specific amount is? The older bottles have the level marks indented into the bottle so it never comes off.

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